Old Locsterz

Any of you old locsterz that find this page, please sign up on the forums and at least say hi and that your still thinking of us. Would be nice to know how many of you out there still think of the good ol days.

I found this old gem lying around on my hard drive still. Many might not remember this, but it was good times and gives a general idea of how things went in BZII. D-MAN Song

Domain and Forums

So I finally got around to updating the forums and domain name. Everything should now be properly using loc-clan.com (loc-bc2.com will still work). Also the forums have been updated to the latest phpBB and we shall see if the bots return.


So after many years of being without our original domain I have gotten it back. loc-clan.com and www.loc-clan.com should now point to this page. I will likely update the page to have that domain as the primary domain for it and the loc-bc2.com will still forward here.

For anyone landing here that was using the domain during the past couple years I would like to apologize. I promise I was not looking to take anything away from you.

To add a little history to the domain, I would like to point everyone to wayback machine’s archive of this domain. Click Me . This was the website shortly after I joined this clan in June of 2001. You will have to highlight the pages to read the text, but you can click on members and see that I was there :).


So the forums have been attacked constantly by spambots. Thankfully there are not many posts so far. Hi LittleChains. Anyhow over the next few days I will be doing some work on the website and forums to help combat the spam. This will also require that I update the forum software. Hopefully this does not cause any loss of data, however it is totally possible. Stay tuned for updates over the next few days.

Welcome to the new website

So I changed the hosting of the website to save lubby some money. I’m always great full to this community and will do everything I can to keep it going for all of you locsterz out there who might try to find each other one day.

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